Egg Donation / Recipient

Egg Donation / Recipient

An egg donation service involves when a younger egg donor provides her eggs to a recipient for an IVF treatment, with the recipient conceiving naturally. FM IVF Center choose the quality of the eggs in accordance with the highest international standards. Young egg donors of all blood types provide eggs for the recipient’s IVF treatment to shorten the process for a successful pregnancy. According to HPA’s statistics, more than 13,000 cycles of IVF treatments have been carried out by egg donation in the past five years. 


2.Receive consent form

2.Submit documents 
3.Matching process (about 1-3 months)
5.Successful match 

1.Sperm collection 
2.Fertilization/ Embryo culture/PGS(PGT-A)/Embryo freezing (depending on the condition)

1.Pregnancy test ( 2 weeks after implantation) 
2.Fetal heartbeat confirmation 
3.Maternal Health Book

What are the required documents to prepare?

  • Valid copies of Taiwanese ID cards
  • Husband: Fourth-degree relative documents
  • Wife: third-degree relative documents
  • Oocyte (egg) Donation Consent Form that’s been notarized
  • Valid marriage certification
  • IVF Consent Form
  • Medical Reports (HIV, VDRL, blood type, etc.)