In vitro fertilization


EGG Freezing

AKA Social Egg Freezing  (SEF)

  • Social Egg Freezing is a treatment that allows women to freeze their eggs for future usage, considering their age and life plan. Late marriage is s a social trend nowadays; however, female fertility ability is greatly affected by age. The ideal age for pregnancy is at age 25 – 35, in which female’s eggs quality stay in the best condition. After age 35, ovary function will start to decline, which will reduce rapidly after age 38. Therefore, many young women would come across a dilemma of striving for career or being a mother. With technology development and breakthrough in freezing technique, the idea of saving eggs for future usage is getting more and more popular these years.

In FM IVF Center, frozen eggs will be kept in nitrogen case with -196℃, aiming to stop the metabolism of eggs and prepare to use after defrost.

Social Egg Freezing treatment is suitable for:

  • Patients undergoing IVF treatment that sperm cannot be collected on time.
  • Patients suffering from cancer or other diseases and will receive chemotherapy.
  • Patients postponing the plan of having a baby.
  • Patients with Premature ovarian failure or senile ovary, AMH<2 ng/dl