Egg Donation

Egg Donation

Having so many successful IVF babies are brought to the world, nevertheless for some hard trying couples, things might not go their way luckily and then they realized biologically they are unable to have their own baby.

Donating eggs involves donating a one-month supply to those in need, and will not cause premature menopause. The entire course of treatment can be completed within two weeks.

If you meet the following requirements, you are more than welcome to register and fill out the “FM IVF Center Egg Donation Consultation Form,” and we will contact you within a couple of days.

  • Female aged between 20-40 years old
  • BMI between 18.5-24
  • Female without anemia, or genetics and chronic diseases
  • No smoking or drinking 
  • No long-term use of medication
  • No tattoos within 1 year

Egg donation process

1.Submit request and form 
2.Contact within 1-3 business days

1.Health check-up (results in 1-2 weeks)
2.Proceed if healthy results

1.Success (HPA confirm within 1-3 months)
2.Menstruation check and wait for treatments

2.OPD follow up

1.Proper dose of anaesthesia
2.Wake up and go home (within 1-2 hours) 

1.Check OHSS syndrome within 3 days 
2.Status inform (recipient)